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What To Expect

Accelerate Analysis

Get access to large scale, high frequency data that is refreshed every single day. Don't wait for data that is weeks or even months old.

Improve Accuracy

Our data refreshes every day with the latest information from home builders across the country. Make decisions based on what is happening today.

Find What You Need

We have visualized the data to allow you flexibility as you research. Adjust date comparisons, look at a specific region; it's up to you.

Get 24/7 Dashboard Access

Subscribers can explore all four of our distinct dashboard pages, which are Top Line Trends, Metrics Hub, Geographic Splits, and Source Splits. These tabs allow you to drill down by timeline, timeline comparisons, geographic regions, and all the essential data metrics of the home builder market. We’ve designed our dashboard with graphs, filters, and controls that can help you most.

Become A Data Contributor

Why should I contribute our companies data? Great question. The builders who have agreed to contribute their data receive a free bi-monthly Home Builder Data Snapshot Report. This report is a two page document representing Top Line Trends and a Metrics Hub including Users, New Users, Conversions, and Sessions by Medium. More importantly, the data you contribute is aggregated and anonymized before it is displayed on our dashboard. 

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