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Our data dashboard represents the sum total of aggregated and anonymous data from home builders across the country. The data collection and visualization process we’ve developed ensures that the data we receive has no identifying characteristics of our builders. 

The builders who have agreed to contribute their data receive a free bi-monthly HBD Snapshot Report. This report is a two page document representing Top Line Trends and a Metrics Hub including Users, New Users, Conversions, and Sessions by Medium. Paid subscriptions are also available that offer full 24/7 access to our data dashboard. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We have builders from across the country that have agreed to contribute data such as Users, New Users, Conversions, Sessions, etc, from their websites. The process is quick and easy and involves giving Google Analytics permission to share the view only data with Home Builder Data. 

Yes, all the data we receive is both aggregated as a whole data set, and it is anonymized to remove any identifiable information.

Our dashboard is refreshed with new data every single day. We often say that our data is not real-time, but it’s awfully close. 

Every home builder that contributes data will receive a bi-monthly Snapshot Report (pdf) from our dashboard. It consists of the Top Line Trends and Metrics Hub pages. This is a free service that you will receive as long as you continue contributing your data with us. 

Our dashboard consists of four unique pages with data visualized in a number of different ways for your convenience. It offers the ability to adjust how you see and compare the data as well. Take a quick tour on our Data Dashboard Tour page.

Yes! You can download a sample Snapshot report by visiting our Snapshot Report page.

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The first step to contributing data with us is to fill out our Become A Data Contributor form below. We can send you our Data Sharing Agreement to review and sign. Upon receiving the completed agreement, we will set up a quick call to clarify the quick and easy onboarding process. Seriously, it only takes a couple of minutes. 

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